Amish Dining Room Tables Furniture

Amish dining room tables – Amish furniture builders in the United States are characterized by the development of sound and well-constructed pieces for every room in the house. Attention to the piece of wood used in the manufacture of furniture instead of embellishments applied to a finished piece is provided. Hardwoods such as oak, cherry, pine and maple are used. Graining is determined by sawing method employed. Amish dining furniture is solid, simple and built to last generations.

Traditional Amish Dining Room Tables

Amish dining room tables are built by hand and come in a variety of ways. Tabletops are a minimum of 1 inch thick and are solid. The plates are not used in Amish furniture. Table leaves are to merge seamlessly with the tabletop hand sanding. Table legs are turned or solid, depending on the style of the table and are substantially load carrying.

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Spindle back are traditional Amish dining chairs and Amish dining room tables. The shape of the chair backs varies a tapered oval rectangle. The slats are either round or flat position for a more comfortable back. Creative designs for slats include those shaped sheaf of wheat, a pen or a paddle. Legs are activated or solid beams and feature films for stability. The Amish hutch is the most elaborate furniture in the dining room piece. Cabinets with glass or wooden shelf provide exhibition space for decorative pieces and placed on a solid dresser. A dresser gives up space in the base part for use as a buffet. Cab lines are simple and the hardware is unobtrusive.

11 Amish Dining Room Tables Furniture Photos

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