Antique Weathered Dining Table In Affordable Ways

Paint a picture is an inexpensive way to change look of a room, and you can find plenty of ideas for refinishing a dining table with paint, one of them is weathered dining table. Range of paint colors available means that you can be as wild or as conservative as you want. There are also some painting techniques you can use to give your table a weathered look or an aged appearance.

Weathered Dining Table Paint

Crunch technique will give your table an antique, weathered look. Weathered dining table technique consists of a base coat in a color, a medium layer and an upper layer crunch in a second color. When done correctly, top layer crackling to reveal color of base layer. Again, you could crackle just top of table and paint background of a solid color. You can even sand edges of table to create a distressed look.

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Painting technique in weathered dining table is a popular idea that gives your old table finish. This technique involves painting your table with a base layer of a color and a top layer with a different color. Then, use fine grit sandpaper to sand wood at edges to reveal base layer and / or wood. You can also sanding rest of table to dim upper layer in some areas and reveal base layer in other areas.

11 Antique Weathered Dining Table In Affordable Ways Photos

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