Centerpieces For Dining Room Tables In The Spring

Butterflies can decorate your centerpieces for dining room tables. Make a simple nest of robins, a multitude of butterflies float in a glass jar or design elaborate flower beds full of live plants.

Floral Centerpieces For Dining Room Tables

To a large butterfly, use two wire hangers white coat. Remove the hook of a hanger and set it aside. Fold the second butterfly-shaped hanger, using the points as the tops of the great wings and the formation of smaller lower wings of the straight. If you are not sure how, look for simple butterfly pictures online or in coloring books. Use pliers to bend the wire if it is difficult to shape by hand. A second hook by the first and straighten to resemble antennas.

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Fabric glue on the frame of the butterfly. For an airy look, use transparent or semi-transparent fabrics such as organza, chiffon or gauze in pastel colors. For a dramatic effect, use screens or jewel tones in satins in vibrant solid colors or patterns. Cut small squares of cardboard butterflies and cover with fabric. Glue the bottoms of the butterflies slender spikes of different heights are painted to match the fabric. Organize large and small butterflies in a clear vase filled with glass marbles on centerpieces for dining room tables.

11 Centerpieces For Dining Room Tables In The Spring Photos

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