Changing Cane Back Dining Chair

Cane Back Dining Chair –  To changing a cane back dining chair, place fabric rod and strip in warm water to soak for at least an hour. Cut along the spline around the back of the chair. Cut the spline and glue adheres to the seat fabric. Locate the end of the spline into the groove in the back of the seat. Levante at the end of the strip without applying too much pressure to the wood around the slot. Pull out with pliers once you have enough slots to grab.

Model Of Cane Back Dining Chair

Cut through the center of the rear seat fabric remains in the cane back dining chair and discard the remains. Find a chisel the same groove width and position the chisel under the edge of any remaining material in the slot. Chisel at an angle of 45 degrees, then drive along the slot gently tapping with a hammer. The slot with a debugger and soapy water. Use the knife to remove any remaining material and dry the chair with a towel. If you need any repairs or refinishing, this is the point to complete these steps. Place the chair on its feet with the seat in front of you. Measure half on top of the opening. Place a piece of tape vertically painter among his mark. Measure halfway through the bottom of the opening and place tape vertically in the center of the mark. Use a level in the middle and draw a vertical line on each tape. This will give you a straight line guide.

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Remove the cloth in water that was soaking. Place your fabric over the opening so that the fabric is straight. Press cane in the groove with a wooden wedge (one side of a wood clamp work). Cut four small pieces of spline 1 inch long. Tap cane firmly in the top slot with the tool of wood and a hammer. Insert a piece of strip to hold the rod in place and hit instead. The cane in the groove down the stretch and repeat. Do the same for both sides. Practical cane along the outer edge of the slit using a utility knife with a fresh leaf. Remove the small strip pieces. Do not disturb the position of the rod in the groove.

Apply a bead of wood glue into the slot on the back. Remove the strip from the water and a clean cut end. Start the strip at the bottom center of the seat back. Press the strip into the slot with your fingers until the top. Trim excess. Tap your strip into the slot with a block of wood and a hammer. Working along the spline every inch the spline sits deep in the groove. Allow the glue to dry for 24 hours before using the cane back dining chair.

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