Coaster Dining Table

In April, Mathias Dahlgren Matsalen & Matbaren joined by the coaster dining table. There, Mathias Dahlgren himself cooking for ten guests, directly at the table. The dining table is a site-built table in a secluded part of the Mathias Dahlgren dining room. It has seating for ten guests, Mathias Dahlgren himself and another person – for example, a producer or a specialist. Focus at the table will be to jointly create tomorrow’s meal.

Coaster Dining Table 5 Piece Set

With the coaster dining table, we create the opportunity to bring the process of directly to the guests. This is something that we experiences are in demand and the dining table can we inspire, share insights, experiences and knowledge with as many people as possible, says Mathias Dahlgren in a press release.

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The aim is that guests will learn more, but it’s a course or a seminar, rather socializing. The focus is on the process and how the raw materials are cooked. Only four of the ten seats will go to book. The sitting will take about two hours and cost a maximum of SEK 1 000.

The coaster dining table will not have any menu without assuming three for the evening selected ingredients. The launch takes place at the beginning of April and the booking opens on 31 March.

11 Coaster Dining Table Photos

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