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Dining Table Protector – If you have a child, you must think about her safe.  One method to safe a child from table is make a dining table protector . Corner protectors have two purposes. First protect children…– Second perhaps some of us adults awkward not so small…– from injury. Besides that dining table protector also protect the corners from the damage done to them in an active family. According to Rebecca Walgreen, a professional seamstress in Rockford, Illinois, corner protectors can be easily sewn at home with very little skill using terry washcloths inexpensive.

Dining Table Protector Image

Methods to make a dining table protector, they are: First, fold a towel in half diagonally to form a triangle. Repeat with a second cloth. Stack the two washcloths folded diagonally and pin them together. Second, sew together the four layers of sponge on the two short sides of the triangle, forming two seams which meet at right angles. Third, turn inside out the resulting pocket. Cut the seam if necessary, but considers that the seam itself provides additional cushioning, says Walgreen. Fifth, Use a tape to ensure the protection of terry on the corner of the table. Your dining table protector was finish now.! Don’t forget to try it at home.

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