DIY Dining Table Pedestal Base

A dining table pedestal base is a stylish and contemporary addition to the dining room. Table pedestal, located in the center of the bottom of the table, allowing uninterrupted comfortable seats for table legs. Basic skills for construction carpentry table are needed, which could be stained or primed and painted dark gray or black color and finish acrylic paint sealant. Many lumber wood for sizes needed for the construction of the table if requested cut. Cut four pieces of plywood to measure 24 inches square, with the table saw.

Dining Table Pedestal Base Ideas

Connect two pieces together at the edges at right angles to the wood glue. Hold the pieces and let the glue dry for two hours. Hammer in nails to secure the connection. Repeat with all the squares to create the box-shaped pedestal of the dining table. Cut an 8-foot by 3-foot piece of plywood with the saw table to the dining table pedestal base.

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Center on the dining table pedestal base. Hammer brads through the surface of the table to connect the top to the pedestal. Cover brads with wood putty, smoothed with a damp finger and let the putty dry for one hour. Sand entire table thoroughly with sandpaper. Paint with primer or stain and let dry for two hours. Apply two layers each sealant acrylic or acrylic paint and sealant, allowing each layer dry for two hours.

11 DIY Dining Table Pedestal Base Photos

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