DIY Parson Dining Chairs

Parson dining chairs – are a straight-backed chair dining style with solid, padded seat and backrest. These chairs are useful for dining rooms, living room and formal living room for special occasions. Parson in a chair, all the rear seatback and are often covered in fabric, extending to cover the entire seating area for the start of the legs. Building a custom pastor chair allows adjustments in the size and fabric selection. Stand four boards that are 1 for 1 by 16 inches smaller than their chair legs ends. Establish a board of 1-by-18-by-18 inches at the top of the legs for the seat. Straighten the chair legs so these are in the corners of the base plate, with its sides, even with the sides of the plate. Drill two pilot holes along the plate and on each chair leg. Use wood screws 3 inches to hold the boards together.

Parson Dining Chairs Sets

Place a medium-by-18-by-21-inch board, which will be supported against the back of the base plate so that the bottom edge is even with the bottom edge of the plate. Pre-drill four pilot holes evenly spaced across the back and seat table and parson dining chairs. Drill wood screws 3 inches through the pilot holes to join the boards together.

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Organize a foam pad 1-by-17-by-21 inches in the back so that the edges line the edges of the foam backing. Place the foam board six evenly spaced staples through the foam and the board. Organize a foam pad 1-by-18-by-18 inches at the top of the seat so that the edges of the pad are even with the edges of the parson dining chairs seat. Place the foam pad the seat with four staples same time.

11 DIY Parson Dining Chairs Photos

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