Expandable Dining Tables By Creating A Removable Large Top

Expandable dining tables – Creating a removable table that can easily be put on top of the existing table and stow away when not in use. In this section you can expandable dining tables the capacity of a cover glass ceramic lid or wooden table, and would not have to alter or cut the existing table. This type of technique is used by the convention centers, hotels and restaurants if you need larger tables to accommodate larger groups who want to be sitting together.

Top Expandable Dining Tables

Measure the width and length of the existing expandable dining tables. Based on this measurement, creating a tabletop with addition of 18 inches on each side. If it is a square or rectangle, add 18 inches on all four sides. To round or oval table, add 18 inches to full circumference to create a larger table surface.

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Trace the shape of the new surface of the expandable dining tables on the basis of measurement. For a circular shape, you can use a piece attached to a wire pen. Measure the yarn same as the circumference of the table. Then, holding the tip of the wire in the middle, move the stylus around to draw the perfect circle. If it is too large for you to handle, you can specify the thread end in the middle of the wood, then it moves around as the circle is drawn. Cut with a circular saw or jigsaw to round or oval expandable dining tables; use a table saw for square or rectangular table.

11 Expandable Dining Tables By Creating A Removable Large Top Photos

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