How To Restore A Bamboo Chippendale Dining Chairs

Chippendale dining chairs – The details and ornamentation Chippendale pieces were influenced by three design styles: rococo, Gothic and Chinese. Chinese Chippendale pieces, such as Chippendale dining chairs, sometimes run on bamboo. Surviving ancient examples and period reproductions, often they require restoration before adding to your decor.

Traditional Chippendale Dining Chairs

To restore a bamboo Chippendale dining chairs, remove any loose seat cushions. For attachments, upholstered slip seats – the kind you normally see in dining chairs – turn the chair upside down. Look for screws on each corner of the seat, and turn counterclockwise with a screwdriver to unscrew the seat of the chair frame. Use the Phillips screwdriver or flat head that fits the screws. Turn the chair right side up.

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To restore a bamboo Chippendale dining chairs the natural luster of the chair by coating with a layer of liquid wax or oil and rub into the bamboo cane binder. For oiled finishes, you can use flaxseed oil, baby oil or oil specific bamboo furniture. Let dry oil according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Buff wax ends with a soft cloth if the product packaging recommends it. Return the originals to the chair, or replace them with new loose cushions. To slip seats upholstery, pry out the clips that hold the fabric for the seat with upholstery staples lifter.

11 How To Restore A Bamboo Chippendale Dining Chairs Photos

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