Ikea Round Dining Table Ideas

Ikea round dining table – Measure the space on your desktop that will use a tape measure. Given the space for the seat. Approximately 1 foot around for a seat adjustment. Measurement taken will be the diameter of the round dining table. Making your own round dining table can be useful and quick art can save you a lot of money. One of them is pretty easy to make. It’s a slightly more complicated desk in rectangular or square, but many parts of the same process.

Modern Ikea Round Dining Table

Mark the center point on wood and reduce the size of the diameter of the te. From the center point, measure the length of the radio and make their points. Do this a few times and connect the dots to make a full circle. Cut circles with the saw or ikea round dining table. This is the top of the table. Present a table and split it into pieces with the old pencil marks.

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Make a dot at the end of each sign, about 1 inch from the top of the ikea round dining table. This is where each table you will be seated. Place the legs of the table under the tables and screws from the block’s bar in the form of two metal rods in L-shape on both sides of the legs of his desk. So four legs. It can also omit the screw rod of metal in the form of L and vice versa a leg table in a corner of the table.

11 Ikea Round Dining Table Ideas Photos

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