Make An Extendable Round Dining Table

Extendable round dining table – Things you will need to make an extendable round dining table: Measuring tape, Folding or portable table (s), Towel. Instruction to make an extendable round dining table – First, coaxial half the distance table of one another. If the round glass table is small enough, you may be able to gently separate the two halves on your own. If not, seek the help of another person. Second, settle the sheet to the exposed area between the two halves of the table. Third, move the table into halves to close any gaps. No extension table. Fourth, measure the height and diameter of the table to make sure folding table is the right size.

Photos Of Extendable Round Dining Table

Fifth, place the portable table that abuts the roundtable. Sixth, put a tablecloth in both frames to hide the gap. The towel should be long enough to cover both tables and large enough for at least six centimeters in excess on both sides. Seventh, warn diners about the improvised extension. Even a slight variation in the height of the table can lead to stroke or injury; inform customers of the location of the difference between the two tables. Now your extendable round dining table is finished.

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