Making A Extendable Dining Table Set

Extendable dining table set – Making your own extendable dining table set is a fun simple project that can be completed in a weekend. With a few common household tools and supplies that are available in any store home improvement, you can create a simple wooden dining table you can be proud to display. The construction of a dining table is a perfect project for a novice wood worker, due to its simple construction. A table is basically a top, four legs and a structure to support the table in its upright position.

Simple Extendable Dining Table Set

Determine the size extendable dining table set you want to do. Choose your table first, and lay out the bottom upwards. Place all materials in the work area; establish them in a tarp to protect the wood while working. Start by placing your table upside down, and set their pieces of 2 by 4 in place as measured. Square made with pieces of wood support the table legs and maintain stable structure. The square should be firm and focused on desktop space. This is called the top rail.

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Attach the pieces of wood 3 inches inside the upper bar made with pieces of 2 by 4 wood pieces will sit inside the top bar and attach both the upper bar and the surface of the extendable dining table set to hold them together. Place the pieces of wood on the inside of the top bar, centered in the middle of each lane. Using the drill, screw wooden supports in the tabletop, then to the rail. Do each board one at a time so you can ensure a proper fit.

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