Making A Plank Dining Table Top Of The Walnut

Plank dining table – The nut is a strong, durable wood. Use wood for furniture indoors or outdoors, which includes a dining table. A dining table walnut plank can be dyed to match other wood in the room or be a centerpiece in bold. You can make you own table with modest carpentry skills and tools. Once you master the basics of building an ironing board, you can create smaller side tables or benches to dining table height, making a complete game.

Original Plank Dining Table

Making a plank dining table top of the walnut design, a 60-inch table has six people comfortably. If you have 4 inches wide planks, 15 will extend along the table 35 1/2 inch width. The total height of the table should be 30 inches, meaning that if their boards are 1 inch thick, will have to make messages leg 29 inches long. The legs are attached to a support structure under the table boards. Measure and cut the boards to create the pieces of the best boards, legs, stands and aprons. Cut four boards 56 inches long, 2 support boards 32 inches long and 2 boards 54 inches long.

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Building support structure. Tighten the four boards 56 inches long support evenly spaced. The planks should stand 4 inches perpendicular to the ground. Tighten the two 32-inch boards on each side of the other tables, making a frame with two support plates going through. Place a mark on the side plank dining table top of the walnut where each support beam sits. Drill two holes at each point, and 1 inch 1 inch apart along the frame. Apply wood glue where the boards meet, and then screw the support frame with 2-inch screws.

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