Modern And Elegant Pool Table Dining Table Combo

If you do not have a pool table and still have plenty of money to spend, buy a pool table dining table combo in one. They are available in a variety of modern and elegant, traditional or simplified designs. Guests at the dinner party would have no idea that their beautiful dining table can multitask like a pool table! Many models incorporate turntables so that conversion is a breeze and not having to worry about lifting a heavy table or find a place to store it.

Modern Pool Table Dining Table Combo

Pool table dining table combo is a budget friendly option, especially if you already have a pool table; lunch is buying a higher conversion. Check with the manufacturer of the pool table as many sell these plans to coordinate with the tables, or measure your table and find one that is a coincidence.

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For those who are handy with tools, another option is to make your own pool table dining table combo. Start by carefully measuring your pool table. Lightweight and inexpensive option is to cut Styrofoam to adapt and cope with plywood. You can also use plywood veneered with some edges to create a finished look. Consider making the top in two pieces so it is easier to remove and store.

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