Reclaimed Wood Round Dining Table

Reclaimed wood round dining table – A round table top gives a project a wood bit of originality when compared to the sea of square or rectangular tables that come out of the wood shops across the country. Although it seems difficult, building a round table is a simple and straightforward project that can be done by a competent Carpenter with a couple of tools and a little patience. A precise format and a careful cut are the secrets to create a table from which you will be proud of.

Custom Reclaimed Wood Round Dining Table

Prepare the reclaimed wood round dining table you have chosen for the seat. If she is made of sheets of wood that will be stacked, the size of the top will be limited by the width of the sheet. If the top is part of a mobile project, Cole solid plates that will be part of the lid, ensuring that you leave a few centimeters for support during the cut.

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Draw the circle in wood. If you have a compass big enough or a set of dividers that can measure the radius of the circle, use it with a pencil to draw the circle. It is possible to draw a larger circle reclaimed wood round dining table than their tools allow using ropes and a nail to the drawing. Tap the nail in the center of the circle and tie a piece of string heavy. Pull the rope taut and keeping consistent traction on the rope, draw the circle keeping the pen at the end of the rope completely stretched.

11 Reclaimed Wood Round Dining Table Photos

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