Stain Poly Unfinished Dining Table

Unfinished Dining Table – Preparation of the table As stain and poly unfinished dining table the first is find a well-lit and well-ventilated place with plenty of air. Basements with large windows that can be opened or clean the garage where the temperature remains around 65 degrees works well. Second, vLounge allows you to perform the legs off a table skirting, if possible. Place the table top on two saw horses. If the table has a list, expand the table and spread out the list. Place the legs on the table of solid work surface.

Good Unfinished Dining Table

Third, sand surface. If you are decorating a unfinished dining table consists of hardwood, like oak and maple, 150 grit sandpaper and lightly countertop, grinding in the same direction as the grains of sand. If the table is a soft wood, such as pine or alder, 220 grit sandpaper to sand, always will be with the grain. Using electric sander makes this process easier and faster, just go to the wood gently, without pressing too hard to avoid sanding marks. Sand feet by hand only. Fourth, use a tack cloth to go the whole table surface and legs. Pick up all the sawdust and sand. Pay special attention to remove all sawdust. Staining for sawdust particles can cause a unfinished dining table in the final look on the look bumpy.

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