Trends Expandable Round Dining Table

Expandable round dining table is a decline of old round table, wooden structure, which used to service room of many homes a few years ago. That old model evolved in 70s and expanded its possibilities becoming an extendable table to increase number of diners. Mechanism was simple, surface of table was cut in two halves to move laterally to generate a gap which was incorporated from other hidden niche board; three parts are then joined and surface of table is extended.

Expandable Round Dining Table Mahogany

Additional space is gained without having to purchase a larger table that occupied much of living room. Its use has also spread to kitchen and is common to find any of these models, more simple, but with same practicality. Today, expandable round dining table remains a valuable resource but it is already adapted to new trends and fashions in design and materials. Although mainly dominated by wooden tables, are examples of other materials that are twinned with personality and functionality of their companions of wood. Sit down at table.

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We speak now not one but 12 tables. Maybe we let’s jump a little expandable round dining table approach, but could not stop showing original composition of 12 equal tables arranged so that simulated a geometric figure trapezoid completely rupture. Round part, though not exactly, is central hollow, and extension is chairs that are engaging one after other. It is functional alternative to modular tables, with plenty of options to use administrative, domestic or catering.

11 Trends Expandable Round Dining Table Photos

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