Unique Distressed Round Dining Table In Elegant Look

Good morning everyone! This morning I will share you about distressed round dining table. Give a part of a “distressed” finish make you look older and give it character. You can get effect of several different ways, depending on your personal taste and rest of your decor. Dining table in Distressed work well to show vintage style. Most distressing techniques require no skill or experience, and look better if they are a little rough around edges.

Distressed Round Dining Table Wood

Easiest technique, painting and sanding, works best in dark wooden distressed round dining table. Rub original plot slightly with sandpaper to scrape surface, and then paint it with colored paint. When first coat is dry, apply a second coat of paint in a different color. Finally, a third coat of a different color. This upper layer will be most visible, so choose a color those ties in with your decor.

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Crackle Glazing is a technique that imitates enamel antique furniture, where original paint has cracked with age. It’s a simple effect to achieve yourself, and looks more elegant than a distressed round dining table finish, which will have a rustic look. Paint frame with a base coat of paint in color of your choice. When paint is dry, apply a thin coat of oil-based varnish. When varnish is still a bit tacky, apply a coat of water-based varnish. Water-based varnish will dry faster than oil layer, and cause surface to crack and split, giving an attractive finish and texture.

A good wooden table never disappoints. It’s a classic that fits with any decor, from Nordic to most bohemian style houses. Air touch or you want to give depends on other elements, as well as chairs with you combine table. Tables teak are great if you want to include a spirit boho chic in your living room. An antique distressed dining table gives personality to room and monopolizes all eyes. They are perfect for creating contrast to more modern pieces or to give continuity to old-style decor.

If you are looking for a result vintage, trend so far, a good idea is to combine this table with antique chairs of different colors, sizes … i.e., mismatched chairs but they believe harmony between them. Indispensable for large families and for rooms of large proportions .A large dining table is perfect for furnishing a living room creating a feeling that is neither too empty nor too crowded.

Since we have to live with our distressed dining table for a long time, it is always a good idea to look original dining table and place protruding different from our room touch. Colors, impossible shapes or materials, you should always seek balance between design and functionality. In summer we also use lot dining tables of our garden or porch. Normally here exsite not same problem of space as in lounge and you can choose more elongated tables in which to eat without strictures.

Dining tables are one of leading furniture terrace and garden where you will have to invest if you want to enjoy outdoors of your home this summer. Finally, we can only pay attention to details and decide how to decorate our distressed dining table. If they are large, original or with personality, it is best not to put a little of everything on table and just enjoy its beauty.

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