What Is Gateleg Dining Table?

Gateleg dining table – When it comes to European furniture, this is one of the most important examples of these resources in a Polish museum. Was published, among others, in the book “Gdansk furniture from the sixteenth to the nineteenth century” Czesława Betlejewski, many years curator of the National Museum of the local furniture.

Luxury Gateleg Dining Table

Gateleg dining table furniture was purchased in … Desk in Kalisz, in 1983. It’s hard to believe that at that time and place you could buy such a beautiful property! This magnificent owe to the late acquisition. Sigmund Dolczewskiemu and long-time head of the Department of Arts MNP and the excellent expert craftsmanship.

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Name gateleg dining table is derived from the frame (“gate”), which is formed vertically bisecting the legs, while the horizontal elements of the oskrzynienia and lower Łączyny. Swung to the side “gateway” is the bracket for the side flaps (wings, in English literally “leaf”) raised to the level of the table. It is derived from the tradition of English furniture solution is found to the north of Europe: in the Netherlands, northern Germany, also in Gdansk. A table for meals served essentially, after which the side wings lowered, and furniture were allowed into the wall.

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