Wood Slab Dining Table For Simple Design

Wood slab dining table – Many homes have a modern open plan with a minimum of walls and undefined spaces so that the house looks bigger. If your living room and dining room are in an open space, decor decides dining is something that can cause problems. You will need a suitable design for your space does not lose continuity. The placement of the furniture is very important. Especially if your living room and dining room are in an open plan, which certainly wanted to make a distinction between the kitchen and the dining room or between the living and dining rooms.

Smart Design Wood Slab Dining Table

For people who likes simple designs wood slab dining table can choose from one foot to the top of steel or wooden tables for example oak metal base these two materials are combined very well. It is always good to go for simplicity and straight lines. For lovers of romance of dining tables and chairs, light-colored wooden rustic chairs upholstered with fabric.

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For the wood slab dining table and the best is upholstered in leather of the same color add much style dining chairs. Aluminum and glass are used in modern contemporary dining. The combination of glass and chrome legs is also a tendency for modern living rooms and dining rooms. And for classic environments we recommend using wood and leather undoubtedly the best choice.

11 Wood Slab Dining Table For Simple Design Photos

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