Zinc Top Dining Table

Zinc top dining table offers a significant benefit to consumers, along with its classic appearance: are non-porous, which means that they are easy to clean and does not harbor bacteria food-borne. Similar to pewter in color, zinc can be polished to preserve its luster or left unpolished to achieve a patina of shades of blue for a more rustic look. These differences make a versatile material for a table in a variety of settings and styles of decoration of zinc.

Concept Zinc Top Dining Table

Do not use the table for cutting or chopping under any circumstances. Zinc top dining table is milder than many materials, such as stainless steel, marble and granite, which are generally used for tabletops, and zinc can be damaged easily by cutting vigorous. Use a clean wood, glass or plastic cutting board instead if space and need to use the table for food preparation. Avoid placing hot objects like pots and pans or dishes heated directly on the table.

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Zinc has a melting point of approximately 149 degrees Celsius, so use plates, towels or simply double up your plates before serving, if necessary. Apply a layer of zinc top dining table secure a wax and a clean cloth to your table as needed. Polish a table covered of zinc on both as polishing wood furniture solid. However, you may need to polish your desk more often, if you use the table daily, depending on your desired look.

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